I'm Running

Like many Oklahomans, I have been concerned about the divisive and exclusionary rhetoric that is increasingly present in our state’s politics...

I have also been concerned about the recent political scandals regarding the financial improprieties that have been unearthed regarding contracts the state has entered into with private companies. The recent revelation that Oklahoma’s Republican  Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell was directly involved in the scandal regarding the Swadley Barbecue’s contract with the State Department of Tourism, and failed to perform the duties of his office.


I don’t want to say he had one job, and he didn’t do it…  However, oversight of Oklahoma’s Tourism Department is one of the main duties of the Office of Oklahoma’s Lieutenant Governor, and the current Lieutenant Governor has not done his job.


Unfortunately, the Oklahoma Legislative Committee that is tasked with investigating the misappropriations is bound to uncover other improprieties that will further erode the public’s confidence in our state government. 


I am running for Lieutenant Governor to restore transparency and accountability to our Government.  My priorities for Oklahoma include improving public education in our state, keeping our people healthy, and finding cures, as well as respecting all Oklahomans, and recognizing the Sovereignty of our tribes. These things need to happen. 


The people of Oklahoma need to work together to overcome the cronyism we have become witness to, and the draconian and mean-spirited reputation that has been put on us by the most recent Administration.


I need you to make this happen. 


I will be on the ballot in November, but we have a long way to go to turn this state around.  I am asking you to support my campaign with your pledge and welcome the support of all people, regardless of race, political affiliation, gender, or sexual orientation.

Your humble servant,

Melinda Alizadeh-Fard