We the People

    Oklahomans deserve representatives that truly stand for all 4 million of us.

    The lack of accountability and oversight is costing our state and its future generations dearly.
    I invite you to join me and stand up for democracy by sending a message to our sitting politicians that their time is over. 



    Take Part in Something Great


    Putting My Experience
    to Work

    I want to be Oklahoma’s next Lieutenant Governor


    Restore transparency and accountability to the office of Lieutenant Governor. I’d also like to see the restoration of the merit based system and stricter adherence to personnel and purchasing policies to eliminate the cronyism that has reached unprecedented levels in our state.


    Support public education, our schools and teachers and provide the necessary funding to equip our students for the future, and prepare them to be good citizens


    Authentic recognition of the Sovereignty of our tribes and I’d like to see a Government that treats all Oklahomans with respect, no matter their race, religion, national origin, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.


    Posts are coming soon
    Stay tuned...